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From Korea...

I have a lot more to say about this place, but let's just put it as 'I'm in Korea!!' It's pretty cool, despite some worries about getting to my hotel and such, I've made it through and am finding myself pretty curious and interested by a lot of things.
Though I think I was snickered at over a banana debacle in the supermarket in the basement. That wasn't nice.
I'm also starting to wonder what is not endorsed or run by Lotte...

And as tomorrow, I'll be jumping on that plane and flying the relatively short distance to Matsuyama...this is where this journal stops for now.
As I said, please add http://mikandreams.livejournal.com/  if you want to keep up with me :) It will be friends-only.

Now I'm going to enjoy my lovely, lovely hotel room, and free internet for a little bit more time, and then I will retire to the double bed that promises to make up for being awake too long...hopefully I'll make up for lost sleep, and if I do oversleep, I have a wake-up call sorted.